The Courier

This HD indie is the benchmark for how quality independent action features are made. The DVD is packed with extra features excluding exclusive commentary by the film makers, explaining their methods on how to produce great looking films regardless of budget, as well as behind the scene video and stills that shows those methods in action. As for “The Courier” it’s self, the movie will take you for a 90 minute ride, entertaining you with explosions, car chases, torture, love scenes, a fight to the death on a moving train and thats not even the half of it, there is so much thrilling action you’ll have you watch it again and again. Not just your run of the mill action film, “The Courier” has won awards in every film festival it was entered into. From California to West Virginia, this film has continuously taken either “Best Feature” or “Best Cinematography” proving that “The Courier” with it’s great action, stunning visuals and relevant story-line belongs in you collection.


Title: The Courier Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Length: 90 Minutes Genre: Action
Language: English Rated: Unrated



Jake Paladin is the best courier in the business, a tough-as-nails professional who picks up and delivers packages for a mysterious government organization known as Section 13.

As our story opens, Jake has retired from the life, but a dangerous package has come to Section 13’s attention, a package the organization can’t afford to have fall into the wrong hands: a deadly suitcase bomb.

The seller of the package, a ruthless South African mercenary, wants a cool $10,000,000. He also has specific instructions about the courier: it has to be picked up by his old buddy, Jake Paladin, or no deal.

Now, Jake has 72 hours to deliver one last package, or Bishop, the double dealing leader of Section 13, will make his family disappear.

Driving tricked-out muscle cars, Jake’s journey leads him through the scenic, downtown streets of Wheeling, West Virginia, to a barge on the Ohio river, to a wild car chase through a backwoods junkyard, to a tense stand-off at an abandoned farm/terrorist cell.

“The Courier” is an action-packed adventure filled with quirky characters, fiery shootouts, deadly double crosses
, and thrilling high-octane